Bio: Tamara Burkhead, D.C.

Dr_BurkheadAs a girl, Dr. Burkhead trained as a dancer and had professional aspirations. She was introduced to chiropractic at the age of fourteen when she had severe back pain during rehearsals. A friend suggested that she try a local chiropractor, and to her surprise she was helped.

She went to various chiropractors off and on over the years, but had not considered it as a career until she was in her early thirties. She had been working and homeschooling her daughter, but was searching for something that would express her growing sense of understanding about the types of experiences and care that human beings need to live fulfilled lives. At that time she met an inspiring chiropractor who, by his example as a practitioner and by his ability to communicate the perspective of chiropractic, helped clarify and transform her ideas about health and healing.

Dr. Burkhead attended Sherman College in South Carolina and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2001. She was the speaker at her graduation, and was given awards for service and excellence. She had a small practice in New Hampshire.

In 2007 she moved to Havana, Florida to help her family take care of her grandmother who was ill and needed round-the-clock care. After her grandmother passed away, Dr. Burkhead decided to stay in Florida and resume her chiropractic career. The experiences she had with her family caring for her grandmother inform her understanding about health and today's healthcare, clarifying for her that chiropractic care is now more relevant than ever.

Dr. Burkhead met Dr. Don Cross in 2009 and began an acquaintance, culminating in a professional association. After working with Dr. Cross for five years, Dr. Burkhead was able to purchase the practice, renaming it Wellspring Chiropractic Clinic in July 2016.

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